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Homeopathy is a very mild natural medicine which is highly diluted. The homeopathy relieves most diseases and health issues that we know of today.
You hardly ever see any side effects from the homeopathic remedies and if so, the side effects are minimal. That makes the medicine extremely efficient, because the body gets a pure and natural way to heal.
Most people do not take any notice of the homeopathic treatment besides for the fact that they feel better and their health problems come to and end. In some cases though, there might be detox reactions like rashes or headache but that only shows that the homeopathy is working in the intended way.

Homeopathic medicine is efficient for e.g:

  • Vaccine damages from HPV-, flue and children vaccines
  • Medicine poisoning from chemotherapy, malaria medicine, antibiotics etc.
  • Asthma and allergy, including pollen- and food allergies
  • Viruses from e.g. tics, herpes, the flu etc
  • Digestive problems due to e.g. food poisoning, colitis ulcerosa, Chrons disease
  • Skin problems like childrens` eczema and psoriasis
  • Rheumatic diseases like juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Chronic headaches, migraines and endocrine disruptions

You do not have to choose one kind of medicine over the other, since your prescription medicine can be taken alongside the homeopathic medicine in most cases.


Acute treatment with the homeopathic medicine
Surprisingly to most people homeopathic medicine is efficient and quick-acting by acute conditions like fever, food poisoning, the flue, acute peptic ulcer, acute stroke, general and cold pneumonia, broken bones, fresh burns and infected wounds, just to mention some.
The homeopathic medicine is as good and fast working as an antibiotic treatment.

We produce the homeopathy ourselves. The small cane sugar pills dissolve in the mouth very easily for everyone.

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