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Neurapractic is a treatment for the back which reminds of the one done in chiropractic. It releases pinched nerves and locked joints in the whole spine: in the lumbar area, between the shoulder blades and in the neck.

You feel the improvements within the first 1-3 treatments. The treatment is relatively painfree. The Neurapractic releasing techniques follows your breath. During an exhalation the muscles relaxes, and then the Neurapratic technique performed on you is able to release locked joints or nerves.


Good for both acute and old injuries
With Neurapractic it is possible to fix both acute and even very old back injuries in the whole spine.
Besides backproblems we have very good experience treating various problems like tension headaches, sciatica, sports- and workinjuries, dislocated ribs and health problems related to car accidents. Just to mention some.
Even in complicated cases like Scheuermanns the curved spine can get into the state of a healthy spine again - especially when it is combined with healing. In many cases operation becomes unnecessary.

Neupractic in combination with Homeopathy
When it is necessary we combine the treatment with homeopathy. This way we can relieve e.g. inflammation in a joint or a muscle. Through the homeopathy we can also start rebuilding worn cartilage or a damaged bone.

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