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Vaccines - Side effects and Treatment

As alternative therapists we have been aware of possible side effects from vaccines for decades and known that the extent of vaccine injuries is much higher than the official numbers.
At our treatment center, we are experienced in detecting and treating side effects following the commonly known vaccines, e.g. childhood vaccines and HPV.
By using iris analysis we are able to see the injuries in the body from the vaccines. We use homeopathic medicine for the detoxification of the vaccine's harmful substances and to rebuild your body's natural health and strength.

We stay updated in the area
We are constantly following developments in the vaccination area and collecting our knowledge about the vaccines from publicly available information and statistics. For us, there is a completely different picture of vaccinations and their side effects than those authorities share with the public.
We combine this publicly available information with our knowledge and years of experience from the clinic to treat vaccination injuries.

Increase in injuries after vaccines
In recent years we have experienced even more vaccine injuries than before. Especially since the HPV vaccine, but also after the MMR vaccine was changed in 2002 by the pharmaceutical industry. The latter unfortunately with increased risk of brain damage.

Recent public research shows that, in particular, the heavy metal content of aluminum combined with other additives in the HPV vaccine, makes this vaccine more harmful than previously known vaccines, because the heavy metal damages the brain directly.

Side effects from the HPV vaccine:

  • Headache and migraine
  • Seizures
  • Paralysis of the face, arms or legs
  • Heavy joint pain
  • Pronounced fatigue

Side effects from the childhood vaccines:
  • Allergy
  • Otitis and throat infections
  • Asthmatic bronchitis
  • Joint pain such as arthritis and growing pains
  • Increased risk of autism
  • Weakened immune system

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