Often, as humans, we sense something in a place that makes us feel uncomfortable. E.g. it can be in a house or at work.
A harmonization can change the lack of thriving into well-being, because the optimal energy is added to the area after it has been cleansed from the old energy of discomfort.

A harmonization helps in the home and the workplace
At home you will be able to find rest and new energy for the things you really want, rather than running restlessly from one thing to the other. E.g. you can relax and gain new energy in your living room, whereas you will experience an increased creative energy in the kitchen.
If you have a home with noisy and resounding acoustics, a harmonization will lower and balance the acoustics in your home, so you will find peace in a new way.
At the workplace, you avoid that the ability to concentrate gets low during the day, and thus the employees make fewer mistakes. At the same time, employees thrive better because they feel better. Therefore, the quality of all the employees' work will also be significantly better.
The effect of a harmonization is seen immediately. People naturally change their behavior depending on the energy placed in the harmonized area.

Get a harmonization if:

  • It is hard to thrive in the home

  • Customers leave the store to soon for no reason

  • The company has many defects in the products

  • Collegial conflicts characterize the workplace

  • The shopping center is experiencing constant replacement of tenants in the stores

  • Noise is disturbing the employees

  • You want to optimize the acoustics in the music room, the storage hall, etc.

A harmonization consists of the following:
  • Cleansing energy

  • Sealing energy

  • Harmonizing energy - calmness or creativity e.g., depending on the purpose

  • Harmonizing and vitalizing energy - reduces all harmful radiation

  • Focusing and work energy - e.g. increased concentration and well-being

  • Special energy for the room as needed - e.g. better acoustics

We also guide in Feng Shui, which by using the right furnishings will create harmonious energy at home and at work.
It may be a good idea to measure for Earth rays too as they drain a persons energy, causing difficulty concentrating and even disease if the exposure is prolonged. Read more in the section “Earth rays”.

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