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Distant healing

Distant healing is very convenient in case of an acute injury or illness, and you are unable to get a treatment at our treatment center.
The sooner the treatment begins the sooner you will get well again.

Healing is energy-treatment unlimited by time and space, and that is why you can always benefit from distant healing in an easy way. No matter if you are at home, are in the hospital or are on a vacation.

Efficient treatment despite of distance
The healing energies from the healer to the client works just as well as if you were in the clinic. The healing treatment is exactly the same and just as efficient.

In the distant healing your energetic balance is restored and works simultaneously with the self-healing powers of your own body. Soon you will sense an increased wellbeing and a recovery of your injury or illness.

Instant assistance with distant healing
The purpose of a distant healing is for you to get help as soon as possible, and for you to start the healing of your health issue. As soon as you feel better, you can have your treatments at our treatment center the usual way.
If you need a distant healing just call us to schedule an appointment. You pay by using the Donate button on the frontpage of our webside or via bank transfer.


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