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Psychological Aura analysis

The aura shows who you are
The aura is the field of energy surrounding the body of all humans.
The human aura has several layers of energy and in many different colors. The interpretation and analysis of the aura depends on the colors and how they interact. The analysis can be used for individual guidance.

Your aura shows this:

  • How you feel right now
  • Your basic personality
  • Your potentials
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • How you navigate in life

In the past only clairvoyants could see the aura of other people. The person getting the aura-reading could not see the aura himself, but only have the description of it.

You can see your own aura
Through the assistance of technology everyone is now able to see their own aura via the computer-program Aura Cloud.
You simply put your hand on a sensor which reads all your biological data and runs it through the computer`s data. All the colors and shapes of the aura then appears on the screen.
From this information we analyze your aura, but we also use other methods.


The psychological aura analysis is spot on
Since our psychologist is the one doing the aura analysis, we are able to combine different areas of expertise. Often we find new potentials, because we combine these two areas of expertise with our new and different understanding of the human being.
This kind of psychological aura analysis gives you a new and deeper understanding of yourself.

A way to get clarity
Through the aura analysis we will help you find the balance regarding the things your aura shows.
Maybe you have felt different and misunderstood because you are a sensitive person. In this case the aura analysis provides clarity and understanding and gives you simple tools to be well balanced. This way your sensitivity turns into a strength of yours instead of causing you problems.
Since the aura is a snapshot of you and your life right now our analysis and guidance will start with that. Thus, if you feel stuck, an aura analysis can help you to move forward again.

The chakra balances and imbalances
Aura Cloud also shows the 7 chakras or energy-centers placed in line from the top of the head to the bottom of your spine.
Each chakra is connected to specific areas of the body regarding emotions, thoughts, body physics or spirituality.
E.g. illnesses are seen as blockages in the chakras that are connected with the cause and the effect of the illness.

Get your aura analysis on a USB
You can have your whole Aura Cloud analysis stored on your own USB - bring your own or buy one here.

The aura analysis contains this:
  • A written aura-report
  • Aura-photo of head and shoulders
  • Aura-film showing your full aura and all your chakras.

For future listening you are welcome to do your own recording of the aura-analysis.


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