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Energy massage

We have developed our very own energy massage at our Treatment center. The massage is based on a detailed knowledge about the human nervous- and energy system. The massage removes both recent and chronic problems throughout the musculoskeletal system and steps in when other treatments have been unable to help.

The energy massage is helpfull for e.g:

  • Foot problems like flatfoot, bunions, toe walking and splay foot
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout
  • Scoliosis
  • Scheuermann´s Syndrome
  • Other disorders of the musculoskeletal system in the back, neck, arms and legs
  • Post surgery to restore the energy and sense of touch in the area

The energy massage treats the cause
With this treatment we are able to treat the cause of the health problem and not just the symptom.
Most people with reoccurring muscle pain have experienced that the pain coms back despite of massage and other actions. This happens because the treatment is directed at the physical symptom, muscle pain, and not the cause which is blocked energy.

Our work is based upon the knowledge that a human consists of a physical body
and an energetic part. You will find the same understanding of body and energy within acupuncture and healing.
Pain and disease in the physical body occur when the energy flow in the body is not good. That affects the physical body which gets sick or painful in the energy blocked area.

A profound but simple treatment
This energy massage has nothing to do with traditional massage in which whole groups of muscles are getting a massage. Instead we loosen and removes the energy blocks in specific areas of muscles and joints. Therefore you can keep all of your clothes on during the treatment.
Even though the energy massage is gentle, it is profound so it might be a bit painful when energy blocks are removed. When they are gone the accumulated waste in the physical joints and muscles are released from the sick area. With time the pains are reduced and then gone.

The energy can be corrected
Nothing will change if the energy blocks are not removed since they are the cause of the physical problems. The energy massage loosen the blocks that prevent the bodily energy from flowing the best possible way.
Neither surgery nor medication can correct energy not flowing as it should. That is why some people have reoccurring pains or nothing changes, despite of surgery for e.g. a herniated disc. Or some even experience that the problem gets worse.
The energy massage is able to help whether you had a recent surgery or one a long time ago. The more time that passes, the more the body compensates and gets new health problems but when energy blocks are removed, and the energy flows again your whole body will automatically restore itself.

More treatments can be combined
During the session we also talk about your health issue. When you understand the reason for the problem it will also be easier for you to let go of it. Your muscle pain might be caused by stress or a bad working posture that needs to be changed.
Depending on your health issue it might show that some of our other treatments will be of benefit to you as well to optimize your healing process.
With gout for instance it will be very beneficial to get a Detox Footbath after the energy massage to get an even deeper detox of the released bodily waste. Often a homeopathic treatment will be an excellent supplement as well.

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