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Detox Footbath

A Detox Footbath cleanses out accumulated toxins from your body.
It is helpfull after a long period of illness and medical treatment during which bodily waste tends to get stored in organs and tissue. The Footbath is also fine just for wellness.

Detoxing while relaxing
A Detox Footbath is very relaxing. During the Detox you get an acupressure treatment on specific ear-reflexology points that increases the effect of the detox.
The detox is effective because of the three detoxing ingredients which is added to the footbath water. An unnoticeable electric current is switched on when your feet are in the water, and that activates the ingredients in the water and the detox begins.
Within five minutes you will notice the first toxins seeping from your feet and into the water. The detoxification of bodily toxins continues the following days.

Detoxing upon illness
The Detox Footbath is e.g. an excellent help after serious illness during which you had medical treatment like chemotherapy or antibiotics. It is also helpfull in case of gout, skin rashes, eczema and psoriasis and to promote circulation in the legs. The last mentioned is especially good for the elderly.


The footmassage increases your wellbeing
The Thai Footmassage is part of a very efficient medical massage system that have been used in the East for thousands of years. It is a very pleasant treatment in which your feet and legs are thoroughly massaged.
The massage is characterized by a deep but gentle pressure on important acupuncture points along the meridians on the feet and legs. The massage stimulates and activates the selfhealing powers of the body.
After the Thai Footmassage you get a sense of ease throughout your body, and especially in your feet and legs. The effect is often felt for several weeks.

A beneficial combination
The Thai Footmassage combined with a Detox Footbath is especially efficient when it comes to enhancing the circulation in the whole body, cleansing out uric acid, easing spasms and muscle tension in the legs and also in treating edema in the feet, ankles and knees.

A gift card for one or more treatments could be the perfect gift for the elderly or sick. Or simply use it for pure wellness for yourself or a loved one.

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