Earth Rays

Earth radiation are narrow fields in the natural electromagnetic radiation, which causes imbalances in your immune system. When you are affected by earth rays your energy is drained.

At places where earth radiation is very powerful, you are easier predisposed to get sick.

Today, earth radiation is an overlooked factor in relation to diseases, although they have been known for thousands of years.

Are you affected by earth rays?
To get a regenerating sleep your body needs a good rest and to detox waste products during the night. Otherwise you cannot recover properly, your immune system weakens and you are more receptive to illness.

When you are affected by earth radiation at your job, your energy is drained, you get headaches and you cannot concentrate properly.

Symptoms at home or at your job:

  • Are you restless in your sleep and very tired in the morning?

  • Do you have health issues that cannot be explained or diagnosed?

  • Are you getting exhausted or lacking focus at your job?


Measurement of earth radiation
When we, during treatments, discover that a client is affected by earth rays, we offer a precise and thorough measurement of your home or place of work, and an effective neutralization of the earth radiation.

A big part of the measurement happens through direct tests on you. Hereby you clearly feel, on your own body, where you are affected by earth rays and where you can stay without being affected. We also measure with antennas at which places we react to the earth radiation.

A measurement of a private home takes from 2 to 4 hours depending on how big your home is. We always measure the bedroom, since we spend so much time sleeping and recovering there.

The measurement sometimes gives reason to change your furnishing, for instance moving the bed or work table. In other cases it is more practical to neutralize the earth radiation.

We also examine whether there are negative radiation from electrical appliances, power lines, wireless networks etc.

Neutralization of the earth radiation
We put iron spears into the ground at exact spots outside your home or workplace to neutralize each earth ray. We call it earth-acupuncture. If it is not possible to do earth-acupuncture, we place iron cores at exact spots indoors, where it affects the furnishing as little as possible.

After the neutralization of the earth radiation we will make direct measurements and tests on you again. You will get the immediate experience that the neutralization works.

After the first night’s sleep many people experience the changes already. For example they are more well rested and wake up without a headache. Others feel the improvements over time such as a much better immune system.

We also make a drawing of dimensional accuracy showing where the earth radiation is in your home, so that it is possible for you to re-furnish according to the placement of the earth rays.

After the neutralization you are always welcome to contact us to get a free test, to make sure that you are still free of earth radiation, or if you have some questions for us.

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