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Applied kinesiology muscle testing is helpfull if you have some health problems or pains, and you do not know how to treat them.

A helpfull muscle test
We use applied kinesiology muscle testing to find the imbalances of your body that might cause e.g. pains, digestive problems or allergy. The test also shows which treatment that will bring your body into balance.
During the muscle test you will clearly notice which muscles that are out of balance. Upon that you will experience how the body gets its strength back through the treatment that the kinesiology test directed us to.
The kinesiology test are most often part of a combination of treatments e.g. acupuncture, Bachs flower remedies, homeopathy or healing.

Allergy, intolerance, digestion og sugar craving
We have good experiences using kinesiology in treating allergies and intolerances. The muscle test will show exactly which homeopathic medicine to use for the treatment of your health issue.
A lot of people also have an upset stomach or have sugar cravings, and they do not know it is caused by one or more Candida fungi that is easily treated with homeopathic medicine.
The muscle test shows exactly how to get rid of sugar craving and a bloated belly which are the most common signs of Candida fungus.


Helps out pain and injuries
If you are having pain or injuries, the kinesiology test finds the treatment that works best for the pain or injury you have.
E.g. we have good experiences treating work- and sport injuries, whiplash, different types of back- and joint problems and arthritis.
Often the period of recovery is shortened for work- and sport injuries. E.g. sprains, broken bones, muscle- and tendon injuries, torn tendons and ligaments.

Efficient treatment with acupuncture
Acupuncture can be used for treating different kind of injuries. E.g. knee and groin injuries, fiber blasts, sprains, golf and tennis elbow, bruised thigh, bent or broken ribs, carpal tunnel inflammation and so forth.
In case of sports injuries you are able to start rehabilitation again sooner than else.
This also applies to serious injuries like torn tendons, torn joint- and ligament injuries, broken bones and the like.

A combination of several treatments
During the kinesiological muscle test, the test often shows that you need a Bach Flower Remedy to support the treatment, to get you through the disease. Bach supports the emotional aspect of healing.

The homeopathic medicine and Bach's Flower Remedy are given in small cane sugar pills for a period.
Homeopathy, Bach's Flower Medicine and acupuncture are used to help the healing process so that you can get well as soon as possible.

Take good care of yourself
During the treatment we often become aware that you do not take proper care of yourself and that you ignore important signals from your body.
It is important that you listen to your body, and we will guide you to talk to take better care of yourself. E.g. if you have endured stress for a long period of time you maybe get the flu to make you take a break.
It is important that you understand that this is the way your body communicate to you, to make you take care of yourself.

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