Martial Arts

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We also teach Advanced Martial Arts, which is self-development and self-defense training at a very high level inspired by the old Marsters of the East. Nevertheless, you do not need any knowledge in advance to participate in our training. Everyone can participate no matter if they are in good or less good shape.

Advanced Martial Arts is very different
There is a huge difference between Advanced Martial Arts and the well-known martial arts such as Karate and Ju Jitsu. These techniques is very much about physical strength and years of training to master the techniques. To many the physical part may also seem too much to handle.
However, you will soon learn the basic principles of Advanced Martial Arts since you do not need physical strength. And the exercises is performed quietly.
In Advanced Martial Arts physical strength is of no benefit - on the contrary. Instead, you learn to use the opponent's physical strength for your own benefit, so that the opponent's energy is turned against himself and drains him even if he attacks you. So you can easily deal with someone, much bigger than yourself.

Self-development is essential
Advanced Martial Arts is both self-development and self-defense in one training program. Self-development plays the primary role, and the defense system comes second.
In Advanced Martial Arts you can do nothing if you only use your physical strength. The exercises only work when you have your focus in yourself. The opponent is the secondary. You are the primary. That is why you get to know yourself in a whole new way.

In the training sessions you will get to experience how important it is to be in balance and to be in the NOW. This will also affect you in your private life, so you act more in accordance with yourself.


Increased understanding of energy
Advanced Martial Arts increases your awareness of energy and your understanding of energy on many levels. You will see how the brain affects the instinctive reactions of the body in different situations.
Therefore you get a whole new understanding of your opponent when you understand what is going on instinctively in a human being who wants to attack verbally or physically.
You can use that understanding when facing your opponent. When you maintain your peace and have your own clear intention, the greater the effect on the opponent. And the more power the opponent uses, the stronger you become.

Affects your everyday life
You will see that when you maintain your peace of mind and your focus in the training, no-one else can harm you no matter how much temper they have.
When you realize that your own focus and your own balance trumps everything else in a training exercise, you will also be able to use the experience in your other life.
You will find that you are better at coping with conflicts and stress, whether it is in yourself or in your surrounding environment.

Fewer conflicts and more peace
The old Masters of the East knew that a conflict always starts in a person's mind. The greatest understanding you can get in all kinds of martial arts is to stop a conflict before it even begins.
You just do not let yourself be influenced by others, whether they are angry, frustrated or stressed. When you learn to be unaffected, calm and balanced in everything you encounter, the conflicts are getting fewer.
You will be able to use everything you learn in the training sessions in your private life and get thus a calm and balanced everyday life.

Practical info
You can get a free training session before signing up. Wear some comfortable clothes, which allow you to move freely.

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