Vitalized water

Grander Technology - Vitalized water
Several of the visitors in our clinic tell us that our water taste better and feels more soft than plain tap water. Our water is among other things revitalized using Grander Technology.

Easy to get Grander at home
In order for our visitors to also enjoy vitalized water at home, we offer different possibilities within Grander Technology.
It is e.g. easy to start with a Grander plate to place the food and beverage on. It does not take up any room and can also be brought anywhere, just like a Grander Pen in the pocket.
There is also the possibility to get Grander Technology for the entire water supply into the house or company so that all the water is revitalized.

Vitalized water benefits the health
It is not only in Denmark that we have a taste for vitalized water. Around the world, they are so far ahead that you can even book a hotel that only has Grander Water in the taps.
Research shows that vitalized water penetrates deeper into the cells of the body and is absorbed different than normal water.
The body absorbs more vitamins, minerals, cell salts, enzymes and hormones in the cells than from normal water, and it strengthens the immune system. Users also say that health problems are getting smaller or disappearing.

100% environmentally friendly for industry and production
In Denmark, several major companies already use Grander Technology with great satisfaction.
For industry and production, Grander Technology is 100% environmentally friendly and provides healthier and more tasteful products, higher yields and high savings on eg. production equipment that needs less maintenance and is in better condition.

Benefits of Grander Technology are for example:

  • The water tastes fresh as chlorine and other chemicals are neutralized

  • Pets choose naturally vitrified water rather than ordinary water

  • Immune systems are significantly improved as waste is better eliminated

  • Lime disappears in e.g. faucet and toilet

  • Flowers and greens last longer and grow larger with Grander water

  • Vegetable products produce better yields and vegetables grow large


Nature's Design - Vitality through shape and symbol
At the clinic we also use Nature's Design water carafes, which adds different qualities according to the pattern that is at the bottom of the individual carafe e.g. happiness or good health.
Many of our visitors are happy to add extra qualities to their Grander water at home, just as we do here. Therefore, we also offer various options such as carafes and drinking glasses.

Vitality from Nature's basic formulas
Research shows that the water is revitalized after only 3 minutes in a Nature's Design carafe.
The pattern in the bottom of the carafe and glasses is the Flower of Life, which is an ancient symbol representing the basic formula of all Creation. Most famous is the Flower of Life from water basins in the middle eastern courtyards.
The carafes are also designed from the Golden Ratio, which is also a basic formula in Creation. Together, the two formulas add the water completely unique qualities. It can be seen, e.g. in photos of the water crystals that become harmonious and beautiful, like people may know it from snowflakes.

The carafes refresh the air
The shape of the carafes makes them even more vital because they clean the air in a room. Place a Nature's Design carafe in the windowsill, open the window and let the wind blow past the carafe. It refreshes the air in the room.

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