The Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet is based on naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo’s observations from case stories in his clinic. Later the blood type diet was scientifically explained by his son of the same name.
The blood type diet is the only diet in the world that is based on observations on people. It is supported by scientific research explaining why there is a difference in food for each blood type.

Within the medical science the research of D’Adamo is not yet recognized. However, everybody knows that if your car has a diesel engine, you cannot put rapeseed oil on the car based on a vegetarian principle, because the engine will collapse. It is the same principle with humans.
By testing different food on people with different blood types, it has been discovered that different types of food has different effects on our cells, blood, tissue, bones, organ system etc. depending on our blood type.

The good or the bad lectins
According to the blood type diet, it is more important to understand the lectins, or protein, in the food, than counting fat and calories.
Harmful lectins glue themselves to the blood cells, making the blood more thick and lumpy.
The consequence is a reduced ability to separate waste materials and other toxins from the body, as well as a malabsorption of nutrients from the food. That leads to imbalance in the body, and diseases begin to occur.
Beneficial lectins, however, have the opposite effect. Beneficial lectins strengthen the absorption of nutrients from the food, creating balance and a strong immune system in the body.

Make a balanced change in your diet
Avoid a sudden and fanatic change in your diet. It is usually easier for the body to accept a gradual change in diet over a few weeks. A drastic and fanatic change in the diet can cause a temporary change in your immune system, and for instance cause flu-like symptoms.

Follow the blood type diet by avoiding as much food as possible from the avoid list, and eat food from the neutral and beneficial list.
If you are suffering from a serious disease, it can be a good idea to prioritize food from the beneficial list, because this food has a particular positive effect on your immune system and general health.

The body will begin to detox waste materials and other toxins much better, and slowly the body will find its balance.
Overweight people will loose the extra pounds, and underweight people will put on some weight. A positive effect seen in all the blood types is a balanced blood sugar level, which again has a positive effect on the hormones.

Find a comfortable balance between eating what you like to eat versus following the blood type diet. Also notice your eating habits, and change what you find manageable right now.
Avoid being too strict on yourself and too fanatic chasing the healthy life. That mindset in itself can cause unnecessary stress in you. Find a natural balance that works for you in your life right now, and then later change a few more things, when you feel ready.

Dietary supplements - vitamins and minerals
Most people living in the West eat supplements every day in the belief that they are doing something good for their health.
However, supplements very often contain additives like artificial sweeteners: aspartame, sorbitol, xylitol, dextrose, something with cellulose, corn and potato starch, colorants like titanium dioxide (E171), which recent scientific research has found to be carcinogenic.
More and more people are aware that a lot of additives in the food are harmful to our health, but we often forget to check the additives in the supplements.

In fact years of experience with the blood type diet, show that the digestion and the immune system soon benefit from stopping eating supplements, and instead drink herbal tea and use spices in the food. These have all been known as a natural pharmacy since the dawn of Man.

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