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Soul contact

The soul contact is a higher kind of contact that is different from clairvoyance and channeling.

The therapist is contacting the souls. It can be your own soul, souls from family and the like - no matter if they are alive or have passed away. Even famous people, guardian angels and spiritual guides can be contacted.

With living people the therapist contacts the part of the soul that is not incarnated in the physical body. This is the part of you that knows the plans for your life and knows what you need to learn.

This way you get a new and different understanding of your relations and problems in life.

With a soul contact you get the purest answers possible since there is no possibility for manipulation from the ego or from the spiritual world.

The soul contact can be helpful e.g. by:

  • Sadness after the death of loved ones
  • Problems in the relationship
  • Conflicts in the family or other relations
  • Problems at the job
  • Shock, crisis and trauma
  • Illness
  • Fear of dying - you get a higher understanding of your situation
  • Help for spiritual abilities, e.g. seeing or hearing spirits

Clear answers through the soul contact
The soul contact consultation is like a regular coaching and guidance, that gives you a better understanding of your situation and your life. After the soul contact you get a deeper connection to yourself and your soul.

You can ask all the questions you want, but you do not always get the answers you want to hear the most. Instead you get the answers that you need to hear to understand and thereby change your situation.

Also we do not predict or tell specific details about coming events or persons.


Understand your arrangements with other souls
You can get a new understanding of a relation by knowing the ties and arrangements you have made with another person and their soul, before you incarnated, for you to learn the things you need.

This explains why some relations can be difficult. E.g. if a family member treats you in a bad way. In a situation like this the both of you have planned beforehand what you need to learn. So this person is behaving exactly the way you planned just to make you learn the things you need.

It often gives more acceptance and tolerance of a situation when you know the plans you made for your incarnation and life lessons.

Big difference between the soul and the person
The soul can also be very different from the person that we know here on Earth. In this life the person seems boring and pale, while the soul is one big party loving happy face.

A person can also seem very unsympathetic and manipulating to others even though the soul is very loving and accepting. Only because arrangements have been made to teach each other specific things in a specific way. And for this, only the rules you made as souls counts.

This gives you a whole new understanding of people that you thought you knew, and you can be very surprised. In this way there is a meaning to even the most unfair behaviour or situation in our life.

Understanding your spiritual abilities
A soul contact can also be helpful in understanding spiritual abilities - your own or another`s. A lot of children, teens and adults have these gifts. Some of them even without knowing it or even understanding what is going on.

Some children or adults may be afraid e.g. because they see or hear spirits. In such case the soul contact can guide you into handling this without any problems. This kind of guidance from your soul is possible for people of all ages.

As you can see a soul contact can be of help to you in many areas.

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