The price of the seminar varies depending on the seminar and the group of participants. For further info, give us a call or send a mail to: info@lotushealthcare.dk.

Sensitivity as a strength - Knowledge, tools and balance for sensitive children & adults

  • Do you often feel different?
  • Do you sense other people's feelings?
  • Do you have a strong intuition, sense of justice and understanding for others?
  • Do you have a diagnosis, e.g. anxiety, stress, ADHD/ADD, autism or the like?
  • Do you have many ideas, but having difficulty implementing them?
  • Are you often stuck in the same thoughts and think too much?
  • Do you have conflicts with your child?
  • Are you often tired or drained when you have clients or are among other people?

This seminar is for those who are sensitive or have a sensitive child or family member. We share a whole new understanding of sensitivity, as well as brand new tools that are simple and efficient, whether they are for yourself, your child or family member.

Your new knowledge and insight into sensitivity, efficient communication, taking care of yourself as a sensitive person, living in the present moment, as well as our techniques and tools, improve your everyday life significantly.

For sensitive people: If you are a sensitive person, you will get a new understanding of yourself and how you are different from others. In addition, you will get tools and techniques so that you no longer have to protect yourself from emotions, feelings and impressions from the surrounding environment.
This new understanding will change both your everyday life and your worklife. Most sensitive people have difficulties in both areas of life.

For parents: Many children today are highly sensitive persons. Therefore, we see an increase in children diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD, ADD, autism and the like. You will get a totally new understanding of your child, and the tools we share mean that you will get a hassle-free everyday life with your child.

The knowledge and understanding we share is based on the experiences from our treatment center. The feedback from our clients states that the tools, methods and understanding we share work immediately, efficiently and long term.

You will get direct hands-on info for specific everyday situations where problems may arise. Along the way, we use cases from the participants and from our treatment center. You are welcome to share cases to get exact advice on everyday issues, both for yourself and with others.

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