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Sensitive people

Sensitive people are often misunderstood by others, and sensitive people also misunderstand others. Sensitives have some abilities and qualities that others do not have, and they are more developed and very intelligent.

The sensitives think that others have the same abilities as them but they do not. Because of all the misunderstandings, sensitive people are often very stressed out and out of balance.

When sensitive people are in stress and in imbalance, and others do not understand them, they are often perceived as mentally ill, angry, fragile, angry or less gifted than others. And nothing could be further away from the truth.
When sensitive people are in balance having a good life, they appear as the best and most well-functioning persons you can imagine.

Abilities that others do not have
Sensitive people have these abilities, which others do not have:

  • Sensing and feeling others: They are very sensitive and senses what everybody feel and think, regardless of who people are and where they are at.
  • Intuition: They usually act based upon intuition and feeling, as opposed to others, who most often act on the basis of their logical thinking.
  • Being in the present moment: They always live in the present moment. Other people spend fortunes on mindfulness, meditation and seminars to achieve the same state.
  • Contact to some higher and instinctive knowledge: They have the ability to get information from a higher place. It is knowledge that they just have, and that no one have told them. Many sensitive people often say "I just know" when you ask them from where they have their knowledge.

Sensitive people think that everyone else can do the same as them, but they cannot since others do not have the same abilities. Since sensitive people do not understand the behavior of others, they start to think a lot and try to figure out what is going on with other people. It already happens in their childhood.
But children will never be able to figure out what is going on because it is so far away from their own way of being, and therefore sensitive people keep thinking in their adult life too.

It is only because of all the thoughts that there is unrest and quivering inside the sensitive children and adults and this too increases the stress, imbalances and chaos of mind. Some sensitive people also confuses other peoples feelings and thoughts with their own, and that increases the inner stress and unrest.

Sensitive people often get psychiatric diagnoses
The public health service often meets sensitive people when they are very imbalanced and stressed out and they get diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD, OCD, Autism, Aspergers, self injury, schizophrenia and other psychiatric diagnosis.

The diagnosis is how the public health service describe the stressful condition of the sensitive people, which is of course quite serious.
Most often, the solution is therapy and possible medication, but as long as the basic cause "sensitivity" is not understood or recognized and addressed, it may be difficult to change anything and often medication is the long term solution.

A new perspective on sensitivity
We have written a book about sensitive people: ”The book about ADHD & ADD - Sensitive Children & Adults" based on the good experiences we have with helping sensitive people. See more at

We see sensitivity as a strength and an unfulfilled potential - no matter if it is children or adults. The sensitive person is just very much out of balance and stressed out and therefore unable to live a balanced life.

We help children and adults into a new understanding of themselves, and into understanding the abilities they have compared to other people. Often sensitive people have felt different and misunderstood their entire life, and then everything falls into place inside them, when they get a new and positive understanding of themselves.

No matter age, it is all about learning how to be balanced in one-self, and not have the inner sensors searching all over the place constantly. That way sensitive people will be well-functioning, and the high sensitivity will no longer be a problem, but a tremendous strength to the individual, because a new understanding and a solid foundation is the base of a new life.

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