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You - the good life
In a personal coaching we will guide you into the changes you want in your life.
You will get a new understanding of your problems or disease, and understand that it is actually happening to teach you something. With simple personal tools you will be able to make the changes you want relatively fast.
You will be guided into being more self-aware and also understand how you create the good life that you want.

Cancer and sclerosis
If you have cancer and sclerosis we always recommend coaching as the most important part of your treatment in combination with your other treatments.
Our experience is that people who get cancer and sclerosis have a very similar way of thinking, and a way of being which manifests as bodily disease.
All diseases are there to teach us something, and make us aware of the necessary changes in our life, if we want to get well again. Even serious disease disappears when we change the behaviour and way of being that causes it.

Relationship - a new clarity
We guide you into understanding what goes on in your relationship - and in you.
You will get a new clarity about your own situation. Are you listening to yourself and do you act upon it? Do you meet your own needs? If not, stress and frustration will take over in every day life, and it will affect both relationship and job.
When you however thrive and take good care of yourself, the dynamics of your relationship and additional areas of life will change.
Through the coaching you will find the solution to the problems that will benefit you the most.

Athlete - set your focus straight
If you are an elite athlete you know just how important the mental training is.
We have developed a new and simpel mental training which optimizes your physical performance and strengthens your mental focus.
We will guide you into focusing your training onto the exact goals you want to achieve. The mental training is made to fit you and your sport personally.
Upon the very first coaching you will experience significant improvement. Amazing results have already been achieved by top world athletes through this mental training at our center.

Parent - more energy and happiness

  • Do you loose your patience very easily?
  • Is it difficult to understand your child?
  • Do your child refuse to do the homework?
  • Is your child very picky or eats too little?
Coaching can help you understand your child and also help the child understand you. You will learn to see in which situations things go wrong and why, so that ordinary daily situations do not escalate.
With easy manageable changes everyday life becomes more effortless, so that you all have more daily energy and happy days. As a parent you will also have renewed energy to take good care of yourself.

Business - business owner/CEO
With the coaching you will find inspiration to create an even better workplace at which everybody thrives - including you.
You will get new understandings and insights into yourself and your role as a leader. This way the daily management will be more effortless. We guide you into seeing new ways to understand and communicate with your employees and also in managing the conflicts that naturally arises in daily work life.
With simple tools and down to earth coaching you will be able to find a good balance in your job as a business owner or CEO.

Business - manager
Do you feel a lot of pressure at your job? Do you have too many and too overwhelming assignments? Do you find it hard to say no and do you let yourself be pushed around?
Through the coaching you will learn how to make the changes that you want for yourself at your job. You will also get to see yourself and the problems from a new perspective, so that you no longer feel stressed out and tired.

Business - employee
The coaching will give you a new understanding as to why you and your colleagues think and behave the way you do.
When you see things in a new way they will no longer affect you and your working hours.
Your new realizations will help you in creating a workplace in which you all thrive. This way you get a new joy at work and a surplus of energy.

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